Caroline Gerardo podcast of Short Story # 2 in the Cardinal Sins Series Greed

March 30, 2010

 The crooks we know who allow greed to get the better of them Boesky, Milken and Bernie Madoff all have one thing in common: they care for the chase for possessions more than human life. Meet Joe Mannon, once the counter-intelligence Chief now private security company owner. Gordon Gekko might say, "Joe is is good guy he has a purple heart, a bronze star and a pile of cash."



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"Joe psychologically sports a lamellar helmet worn by the mercenary Huns. A well proportioned specimen man’s hand span is usually equal to the width between his shoulders and length of his face. Joe could palm a ball bigger than a basketball with ease, his hands and shoulders are stronger than the best of men.

“Joe’s quartz voice has a calming effect on a crazed enemy, or perhaps it’s the fear his movie star jaw might erupt in rage,” Dan one of the Team members working in Kabul claimed.

At six feet seven Joe’s command of the Team is a presence they admire. The modern mercenary doesn’t need to wear a German Hun hat to recognize him amongst the troops.

“I can see Joe in the desert from a sniper spot. I know him by the way he moves,” Dan brags in pointy toed cowboy boots. Dan is one of Joe’s best “supervisors” who knows about interrogation techniques, drone bomb assembly in the field and the general all round fun of warfare...."


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